About Me

Janet Bligh

I’m a garden designer based in the market town of Petersfield in Hampshire, UK.   I moved here in 2001 after training in both garden design and planting design in London, where I had been working as a Picture Editor for a magazine publisher.

I think what I love most about working in garden design is that no two days are the same and I work on a such a variety of projects with such a broad range of clients that there’s absolutely no danger of me ever getting bored.  Plus it’s a constant learning process as every garden I design presents fresh challenges.  

It’s really satisfying to help clients create a garden that in many cases they never dreamt could be possible.  Some clients have absolutely no idea about where to start which is why they bring in a garden designer to help. Whatever the situation it’s very important to get a clear idea of how clients want to use their garden and what their aims really are. Some can be a bit nervous about the process but I work closely with them to make sure the project goes smoothly and that the finished garden really works from them and their lifestyle.  I also really enjoy working alongside architects and developers to create an outdoor space to complement new builds or house renovations.   

Living in Petersfield, most of my work is in Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex and ranges from large country gardens to smaller town gardens.  But that’s not to say I can’t be tempted further afield in search of interesting garden design projects!

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